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Tips for creating marketing Emails

Email marketing is considered one of the effective digital marketing tools every business owner should utilize to boost their business. Although it is unarguably one of the oldest marketing channels, its relevance remains intact in our present world, with the rapid increase in email users and other social media platforms. Email marketing remains a highly effective way to reach people.

However, there are several email messages people receive daily; the question now is, how do you get attention from people? Because the goal of email marketing is to get more sales and leads and get more people to know about your business (the product you sell or the services you render). 

Email Marketing is worth every effort you put into it; more often, when you consistently send emails to a list of subscribers, they tend to yield revenue over time.

Are you confused about how best to create a good marketing email? You are in the right place. Here are tips for creating marketing Emails that will help you reach more customers and get more leads.

5 Essential tips for creating effective marketing Email 

  1. Have a solid Subject Line

Undoubtedly, an average person receives tons of emails every day from the ones they subscribe to and those they can’t tell how they got connected. What would make people open or pay attention to your mail among the ones they receive daily?  The subject line of the mail sent can be a major determinant of whether or not the recipient will even get to open the mail sent.

It seems to be the first contact that recipients have with your email message, and the moment they find no interest in the subject line, they hardly get to open and click through the message. Hence, one of the crucial keys to creating an effective marketing Email is ensuring you have a captivating subject line that draws your audience’s attention.

How to have a solid Subject Line 

The structure or how appealing your subject line is is a major determinant of the outcome your Email marketing yields. Here are a few tips on how to write a solid and catchy subject line and avoid your message being reported as spam message.

  • Use action words: To use action words doesn’t necessarily equate to using verbs. You can get creative with words, such as using powerful words without verbs. However, using verbs can be very useful also. Action words state what recipients could do in the mail sent.
  • Prioritize using clear words: Avoid ambiguity in your subject line; one of the major mistakes some make is that, in a bid to sound “catchy”, they tend not to use clear words. But using clear and direct words should be your number one priority – stating what recipients will benefit from by opening the mail before thinking of being “catchy”.
  • Adopt a curious Psychology principle: play the mind game; many marketers adopt this way of making recipients feel they are about to miss out on a crucial opportunity if they do not act promptly. Emails that use curiosity tend to have increased mail open rates than those that don’t. 

Let your subject line have a touch of curiosity; it always drives recipients to want to know more.

  1. Personalize your mail messages

You can better get people to engage more with your mail when they know you are talking to them directly; adopting this style in writing makes people feel more than just a thing or number in the crowd. One of the ways you can make your messages more personal is by mentioning recipient names. For example, starting your email with “Hi Frank,….” can aid in making email marketing more conversational, avoiding unnecessary ambiguous jargon, and making your email messages as simple as possible.

Personalizing your mail is definitely beyond just mentioning your recipient’s name; you should also provide them with relevant content and make your message conversational. To ensure a conversational tone with recipients, you can get email marketing tools that permit emojis in your content or subject line and have a targeted audience.

  1. Use segmentation to separate your email list.

Segment your email list based on demographics (location, gender, age group, e.t.c) and behavior. You can’t send a general message knowing your recipients don’t act the same way, and it’s ideal to segment them, so you can address each segment separately because their needs are different. Segmented emails will help you get a higher performance level (i.e will yield an increase in the open and click-through rate).

Moreso, avoid using a business email; people are more responsive to a personal email than a business email, better still, as a business, you can use an employee email to reach out to your recipients. People tend to be more cool and friendly getting from a person than a business or brand.

  1. Have a good content 

Having a good subject line might have drawn their attention, but it’s not enough to keep your recipients; not having good content can make them unsubscribe from your email marketing despite your mail’s excellent subject line.

One of the ways to achieve this is by ensuring you talk more about the benefits recipients stand to enjoy if they take action than the features because customers are more thrilled about what they stand to gain.

Put the recipient first in your content; no one won’t want to keep reading a business talking about its strands exclusively; let there be a strong connection between the recipient’s benefits and product improvement, don’t just start talking about the product features; it can make the recipient bored and uninterested.

It’s important to keep your contents brief and concise; ensure every word is essential if not, you can remove it. If you send a mail with hundreds of words, the recipient might not read to the end before they get bored. Make concise such that they can easily sift through all the details. Ensuring your message stays on point is very good in this regard.

  1. Make a clear Call to action. 

Email marketing aims to drive more people to your page and convert the recipients to customers. 

It is advisable to include just one call to action in your message, although you can place them in more than one location in the message, so people won’t miss out and can easily be identified.

Make a clear call to action for your customers; after placing the benefits, they will enjoy your product or service. You can leave a button with action-oriented language like “Sign up now”, or “Buy Now”.

However, you can still get creative with this, but either way, the goal is to convert your mail recipients to customers.


Email marketing is unarguably an effective digital marketing tool that is still much relevant today. However, with many other emails fighting for people’s attention, you have to be outstanding and unique to grab the attention of your subscribers.

You must have a good strategy to ensure a guaranteed result. Follow the tips we have compiled and start generating more leads with an increase in sales!