Sales Marketing Funnel, by SalesNexus


Sales Marketing Funnel is an experienced and top CRM and Marketing services and tool provider that helps your business maximize the results of your marketing efforts.

As there are many marketing avenues that can help your business grow, and increase your profit, we have combined some of the most effective marketing avenues for you in one place.

Sales Marketing Funnel journeys with your business, starting from:

Lead Generation

The soul of every business is its customers, and your business will constantly need new customers and retain existing ones. Hence, the need to generate leads.

Sales Marketing Funnel is a top marketing hub that helps you generate quality leads that you can easily convert into customers with the right marketing efforts.

List Building

Every lead can’t be converted to customers, and not all first-time customers will be retained. However, you need to build a list that categorizes your customers and leads into categories that sufficiently describe them and their interests.

List building helps you to improve your marketing efficiency as it exposes the best way to target each category of leads and customers you have.

CRM - Customer Relation Management

Your potential customers and first-time customers need to know how important they are to your business. Showing them their value helps you retain them, and makes them loyal to your business. However, it’s not easy to pass the message of importance and value to all your customers, including the retained ones.

The CRM arm of Sales Marketing Funnel helps you to pass your message of importance and value to your leads and customers via email or SMS. You also gain some returning customers due to the value you give and earn new customers for the same reason. All at an affordable price.

SMS Marketing

With the number of mobile phones in the world today exceeding the number of people that live in it, you can be sure a mobile phone is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and leads. A simple SMS loaded with valuable details will lead people to your business faster than a poster or flyer will. However, it has to be done right.

Sales Marketing Funnel will help you optimize the efficacy of your SMS marketing efforts to increase your customer retention, sales, and profit.

With Sales Marketing Funnel’s SMS Marketing, you can get your products closer to your leads and convert them into customers, easily. You can also reach more people, and that translates to potential customers, sales, and profit.

Email Marketing

Since your customers have their phones, tablets, or PC with them at every time of their wakeful hours, you can as well reach them through any of these devices.

Sales Marketing Funnel gives you the email marketing arm of its marketing hub to help you reach out to your leads in a formal and semi-formal setting.

Unlike SMS marketing, email marketing allows you to include more detail in your composition, and that means you can provide more value, increasing your customer retention and new customer generation.

Promote new products, special offers, and price change notifications, among others, to your leads and customers for better communication and reach.

CRM, SMS, and Email Marketing Automation

We know it’s tedious to combine SMS and Email marketing, and Customer Relations Management in one marketing sweep. However, Sales Marketing Funnel helps businesses like yours to simplify and fast-track the process of reaching your leads and customers and maintaining good relationships with them on personal levels.

We help you to combine your SMS, Email, and CRM Marketing efforts in one place, making it easier for you to reach your customers and leads, and tracking the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The success of your business depends on how many customers you gain per time and how many of them you retain. Also, how you manage the relationship between your business and your customers influences how well your business grows.

The reasons you should choose Sales Marketing Funnel include:

Tutorial and Training

Considering the numerous features and functions you’ll find on Sales Marketing Funnel, it’s only normal that we put you through some tutorials to help you efficiently use the system.

Easy API Integration

You can easily integrate your existing marketing and CRM systems, such as Microsoft office packages, RingCentral, Gmail, and Leadferret.

Flexible Service Pricing

We’ve provided different packages for different services to cater to your marketing and customer relations management needs.

30-day Free Trial Period

To assure you of the quality we provide with our tools and services, we offer you a free 30-day trial period to use our system for free and see if it meets your business’s needs.


As a salesperson, we know that you barely have enough time to reach all the leads and customers you have on your schedule.

Our marketing automation system helps you to meet your daily targets with ease.

Choose a Service

You can improve your customer relations management, marketing, and sales by using the Sales Marketing Funnel system to automate your marketing and CRM efforts. Experience better results as you purchase any of our services.