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Benefits of SMS Marketing

Before now, business owners have wrongly believed that mobile marketing demands an investment in mobile applications and lacks reliable information to assess ROI. But today, times have changed and things are no longer the same.

SMS marketing offers many benefits to businesses, including higher customer engagement and revenue. SMS marketing has become an essential part of effective multi-channel marketing because it is an easy way through which various businesses connect with their customers.

This article will explain the numerous benefits of SMS marketing and how it improves businesses. But before we go into that, let us first see how SMS marketing works.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

SMS marketing is simply a way of using text messaging to engage clients and increase sales. It is also a way through which businesses give promotional offers, convey urgent information, advertise new products, and solicit feedback from their customer base.

SMS is a simple advertising tool that yields a high return on investment. With SMS marketing, you can be sure your business will get in front of your customers, both recurring and prospective ones.

The Advantages of SMS Marketing

Quick Distribution

There’s no delay when it comes to SMS, your customers will get your text once you send it. You don’t have to gather any extra resources or wait for printed materials, which is what traditional modes of marketing are known for.

All you have to do is to write the message and forward it to your audience. Additionally, as a message is much more likely to be read, you can be sure that your clients will learn about any urgent information you share as soon as possible. 

Personalized Experience

Businesses can interact with customers using SMS depending on their established choices and relevant data, such as how the customer would like to be notified, the form of messages they would like to get, and how frequently they would like you to contact them.

Once a customer gives you their mobile phone number, it means they want to be a part of your business. Therefore, deploying SMS marketing is a significant way to keep the customer glued to your brand.

Effective Integration

SMS is one of the mediums of advertising, and all of them must operate effectively together. Although SMS is a marketing channel that works on its own, you can also combine it with other marketing channels like email and social media.

You must not use SMS marketing alone for advertising; you can also use it in addition to all the other methods you use for advertising your brand. Your customers will easily relate to your message when you do this.

Good Feedback Channel

SMS is a fantastic channel to conduct surveys with your customer base. According to statistics, more than 31% of customers will react to a survey sent through SMS, and their response time is usually a little over five minutes, which means that you can achieve so much within the shortest possible time.

Low Level of Competition

Since most businesses are yet to key into the potential of SMS marketing, you can use it to distinguish yourself and attract customers’ interest. There is less competition for a client’s attention using SMS than in any other form of advertising.

Increases Client Engagement

As a business owner, consider SMS a tool to improve how your company interacts with clients throughout the customer journey. 

You can use SMS to engage with your customer base consistently by using the medium to send sales-related incentives like deals, coupons, or promotions to them.

High Value For A Low Cost

Sending text messages to customers for business purposes does not cost much. If you compare it to other advertising strategies, like using Facebook ads, you will realize that it is more economical.

Because of this, SMS marketing is a go-to marketing option for all business organizations. Particularly for new businesses seeking a means to start promoting themselves without investing a lot of money at once.

Opt-in and Out Option

Another significant advantage of SMS marketing is that it helps you give your customers a sense of freedom while interacting with them. Sending a message without an opt-in or out option might end up discouraging your customers – as they will feel you might bug them with messages.

With SMS marketing, you can send promotional or notification messages with an option to subscribe or not, which makes your customers feel that you are allowing them to make their own choices. Your clients can always opt in or out of message lists depending on their needs.

Greater Open Rate

The possibility that people will open your message up to 98 percent of the time when it’s delivered is one of the main advantages of SMS marketing – SMS has a greater open rate than any other kind of advertising. Some emails can enter the spam folder when sent, but it’s not the same as SMS.

Optimized For Mobile

Nowadays, businesses strive to portray their company as mobile-friendly because today’s customers do a lot of things on the go with their mobile phones. A high number of people use their mobile devices for many activities, even in transit.

SMS is for mobile phones, so you would not want to miss that opportunity. You can use it for business publicity.

Does SMS Marketing Work?

SMS marketing is good at connecting businesses to potential or existing clients because it is simple and highly personalized. Once your customers agree to receive text messages from you, be assured that they will react favorably towards them.

Who Can Profit From Utilizing SMS Marketing?

Most businesses, including financial institutions, leverage SMS marketing services to communicate with their customers. Communication in this context includes sending automatically created texts to issue an OTP (one-time pin), confirm account login information, or alert.

To Sum Up

The benefits of SMS marketing are numerous, and when applied properly, you can boost sales and increase your business revenue.

Although SMS marketing may not be as popular as social media marketing, it does produce results. There is no excuse not to use it – it offers many advantages and comes at a low cost.