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Benefits of Email marketing

It’s the dream of every business owner or marketer to have their products and services reach customers via a very easy channel. If this is you too, then consider deploying email marketing in your marketing plan. 

You probably might be thinking that email marketing is less effective than other marketing means. If you believe that, sorry, you have believed the lie of the century. Because email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy. If you have a good email list and send the right emails, you can be sure of a consistent influx of sales.

If you are not sure how this form of marketing can help you, here’s a list of the benefits of Email marketing for a business:                                                                 

  1. Improves Sales

Email marketing has been an effective tool that aids the improvement of sales.

59% of marketers will say email is their biggest source of ROI (return on investment), and marketers who used segmented campaigns have gotten as much as a 760% increase in revenue.                                               

Email marketing campaigns can be used to sell goods, deliver valuable content, feature products \ and services, and encourage customers to purchase through special offers ( like offering a 20 per discount on goods bought that day). Furthermore, email marketing influences their customers’ purchasing decisions, especially when the customers are used to the receipt of the mail from the brand.

  1. Permitted Access to Audience

When customers subscribe to a company’s email list, it also implies that they have granted the company permission to advertise to them directly. As a marketer, it is always important to incorporate direct and frequent communication with your audience. Email marketing enables you to reach out to your customers easily and keep them engaged throughout the year.

Furthermore, the audience can send a reply, improving the brand-customer relationship.  When the audience is free to talk to you, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand. 

  1.  Increments in conversions

There are some leads you get through lead magnet who do not purchase your goods immediately. One primary advantage of email marketing is that you can keep marketing to them until they make a purchase. 

There’s a marketing rule that says that a person does not buy until after seeing the product advertisement seven times. Email marketing gives you multiple opportunities to increase your conversion.

For instance, after downloading a lead magnet app from a site, the catch is registering with a mail address. After then, the user might start receiving emails to upgrade to the paid version. The email will contain reasons to try out the pro version. In the end, a certain percentage of the users will end up getting the pro version. 

  1. Producing a cost-effective campaign

Running ads to a large number of people like those in your email list will cost a lot and might not be as effective because some of these leads might not even convert. Imagine a billboard ad that shows everyone your product; despite the cost, you can not be sure what percentage of the viewers will convert. 

Even though you might have to pay at some point to reach a larger audience and improve your marketing strategy, the total cost will still be a lot less than most other marketing strategies. 

  1. Reaching a wider audience range

An important aspect of marketing is reaching a wide audience range simultaneously; email marketing can help you achieve this. If you target different audiences in different locations simultaneously by running ads, you might spend a lot and still not reach all of them. However, with a simple click, email marketing allows you to advertise to everyone at once.

  1. Providing Valuable content

Providing valuable content helps you stay relevant to the audience, making them trust you enough to keep buying from you. Email marketing is a great way to keep providing valuable content and build a loyal audience.  

When you keep giving valuable content to your audience, it increases your open rates. So, when you give an offer or sell a product, they will pay attention to it, making it easy for them to buy impulsively. 

  1. Getting Feedback

Feedback is a major part of marketing as it helps you know what your audience wants and if you are giving them that. If you notice a change in the insights, you can simply send out a survey to know what is wrong and what to improve on. To ensure they fill out the survey form, add a catch to it, and you will see them filling it in numbers. 

Then you can easily work with the survey form and develop new strategies to improve your marketing campaign. 

  1. Easy to measure

Most email marketing tools can track what happens after an email has been sent. You can track unsubscribe rates, delivery rates, and open rates. This gives a clear understanding of how effective your marketing is. 

These insights are essential to your brand and should not be ignored. If you notice a  reduction in your open rates or conversion rates, it will be a sort of feedback to make changes to the campaign.  Whereas it can not be easily measured in broadcast or print advertising.

Note: Sending emails to your customers too many times a week might be seen as spamming to your customer. Spamming your customers might increase your unsubscribe rate and reduce your open and conversion rate. You can survey to know how many times the customers will love to receive your email weekly.

  1. Easy to start

Email marketing does not need as much money as some other marketing strategies to get started. If you are a small business owner that can not afford a copywriter yet, you can start by writing without so much experience. And you do not need fancy images, logos, videos, 

If you are just starting, there are free email tools to use; these will reduce the marketing cost. Maximize the use of these tools until your audience increases and you have to pay to accommodate them. 


With the right email marketing techniques, you can convert prospects into customers easily and also turn one-time buyers into regular customers. This is unlike traditional marketing channels, such as advertising on TV and billboards, which converts only once, leaving no room for follow-up. So, despite your many marketing strategies,  you should also take advantage of email marketing.