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A Guide To SMS Marketing

The times of single-channel marketing are long gone. Now marketers have access to several contact points across various channels. One of these methods is SMS marketing 

When utilized effectively, SMS marketing can be an efficient complement to social media marketing. It allows you to reach customers and even potential customers real quick with effective and targeted messaging.

Let us take a look at what SMS marketing really is, how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategies, and how the effect it can have on your business. 

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a method in marketing where you send marketing messages through text messages. 

It is a form of opt-in marketing, and it requires that contacts should subscribe. This type of mobile marketing allows marketers and businesses to send SMS or text messages to their customers and prospective customers. 

SMS marketing is quite different from social media marketing which requires the marketer to post content publicly, and people can decide to follow or like the content. 

Although there are several mobile marketing strategies, SMS marketing seems to be very effective and has more advantages over others in the same category. 

One thing with SMS marketing is that there is almost a 100% rate that your audience will open it. Unlike other means like email marketing, where the audience will either not open the mail or will open late. Research has shown email marketing has only about a 22% open rate. 

SMS marketing is a great method to reach your target audience with a clear and concise message. In an instance where you are running a weekend sales or promotion, you can use SMS marketing to let your customers know about it. You can also send text messages letting your customers know about your daily specials. 

Types of SMS Marketing 

There are different types of SMS marketing campaigns which range from simple or straightforward to mildly complex and then complex. 

Below are some types of SMS marketing campaigns. 

Promotional campaigns 

One of the most effective forms of SMS campaigns is promotional. It works by generating interest in a product or service. Promotional campaigns can include coupons, discounts, and some other special offers.

Discounts and coupons are a good way to drive traffic to your website and make more people patronize you. To make your SMS campaign stand out and work effectively, ensure to add a quality call to action to your text. 

Transactional campaigns 

This is a form of SMS marketing that is sent in response to an action or event. Text messages give information that is relevant to the customers and also time-sensitive. They can be reminders for appointments, password resets, or shipping notifications. 

Transactional SMS are relevant and timely. Hence, they have a high open rate and can be effectively utilized to drive conversions. 

Other forms of SMS campaigns include; text-to-win competitions, loyalty programs, flash sales, surveys, and remarketing. 

How Does SMS Marketing Work? 

To effectively utilize SMS Marketing, you need to have an online SMS marketing software as it would enable you to send SMS marketing messages in mass and also at a low cost. 

All you need to do to be able to send an SMS campaign is get an SMS marketing software, create a message, choose the contact list you aim to send your campaign to, and click send.

The text gets pushed through an SMS gateway so that it can reach your intended recipients. 

Reasons To Utilize SMS Marketing In Your Business 

SMS marketing enables you to pass relevant messages and information to your customers. This will help you in increasing your brand’s awareness and boost engagement and sales. 

Below are a few reasons to use SMS marketing to boost your business’ growth.

It helps you reach your customers faster.

SMS marketing is a great way to share time-sensitive information with your customers and clients. Research has shown that 90% of text messages get opened within three minutes of receiving them. 

This will create awareness and help you drive traffic which will grow your business. 

An example of using SMS marketing is when you have a time-limited offer and want your customers to know about it. 

It increases the response rate. 

Unlike some other forms of marketing, SMS marketing enables you to reach your customers directly on their mobile phones. This makes SMS messages have more response rate than several other marketing channels. 

To increase your response rate further, include a catchy call-to-action in your text messages. The CTA will encourage the customers to take the next step. 

Some CTAs that you can add to your text messages are; “Click on the link below to get more information” or “Reply YES to RSVP.”

It helps you build customer loyalty.

SMS marketing allows you to send personalized messages to your customers. By so doing, your customers will feel valued, and this will help you build loyalty with them. 

Customers that feel valued and loyal to a brand will always return to patronize the brand whenever they can. 

It increases the business revenue.

SMS marketing can be used to advertise events or special sales that the business is running. Including a call to action stimulates the customers to take advantage of the opportunity you are placing in front of them. Hence, your business website will gain traffic, increasing the business’ revenue. 

You can also use SMS to remind your customers about the items they have left in their shopping cart. This will stimulate and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

It complements other marketing methods. 

Although SMS marketing works effectively on its own, it can be used together with other marketing channels.

You can use SMS as a form of reminder to your customers of an upcoming event so that they can sign up for it. 


SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that all business owners should utilize as it has many benefits. 

Start implementing SMS marketing in your marketing strategy, and you will see the growth that it will bring to your business.